Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dryver was a Cowboy for Halloween. Addilyn was a cat coming out of a pumpkin. This was taken at the fire department. We go there every year to see the fire trucks and get their yummy treats! Dryver loves to lay his head on Addi's shoulder. She is not real fond of it and this usually turns into a wrestling match:) Although I thought this picture was really sweet!
Dryver trick or treating at Honey B and Pops. (Justin's parents)
Dryver, Addilyn and Keatyn. Keatyn was Ariel when she married Prince Eric.

Dryver right before Trunk or Treating at the church. He was not feeling well:(

This was suppose to be my wig as June Carter. It came out looking like a cave woman wig. But Dryver sure enjoyed playing with it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I must move on!

SO...I know I said we would play catch up from all my summer happenings. Well...sorry to say but that is NOT going to happen. I would never be able to blog about all that went on this summer PLUS all that has happened since the summer!

I am just going to start fresh and tell you what's happening NOW!

Dryver is now 21 months old. Time is flying by:( It makes me sad, while at the same time I am loving everyday! He seems to learn something new every day. Just a few random facts about Dryver at this point in his life:

1. He loves to talk about tee-teeing. He always wants to sit on the potty and have anyone around him go potty. He even lets his toys go potty.

2. He loves to talk. My favorite thing to hear him say is "I love you!"

3. He loves to wrestle. Sunday at church they came to us and said Dryver just put the new kid in a headlock. Justin was so PROUD!

4. He loves to give hugs. Which usually turn in to wrestling. He also likes group hugs, which we call a family hug.

5. He is a momma's boy. Although, if you say GO he will go with anyone, anywhere.

6. He enjoys running around naked after bathtime with his "hat" (towel) on his head.

7. He loves to sleep!

8. He has just in the past 2 weeks started eating meat.

9. He loves animals.

10. I am sure you already know this BUT he is the cutest and smartest little boy we know!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Miami Continued

So, when I started telling people that I had the chance to go to Miami everyone said to look for famous people. Now, that I have been I see what they mean! I never really considered it a celebrity place but I guess it is.

This is some famous Latin American singer. I can't remember his name but at the time he was said to be the "Michael Jackson" of Latin music. So...I stayed close by the paparatzi and took his picture:)
Like I said in my previous post Jessica was at volleyball a lot of the time. Kara and I hungout at the beach and the pool. We looked for famous people constantly. Sadly, Kara had to leave a day early. So, the last day I was at the hotel all alone. When I walked downstairs to head to the beach there was a sign in the lobby saying "Sorry for the inconvience. We are filming an episode of Burn Notice today." WHAT?! This is one of Justin's favorite shows! So, I set up camp where I think they are making the set. I am on the phone with Beth giving her a play by play. Finally, I decide to head out to the pool. There was no action on the inside. When I got outside I immediatley spotted 2 empty pool chairs (which is no easy task)! So, I make my way over and get all situated when I hear "Quiet on the set". WHAT?! I had landed myself right smack dab in the middle of the taping of Burn Notice. Let me answer your questions now...1. NO, I do not think I am in the show. (you should have seen the extras! I had them beat on the tan for sure BUT not on the body or swimsuit, CRAZY!)2. NO, the show has not aired.
What I thought was going to be a pretty boring day turned out to be phenomenal!!! Jess eventually showed up and we preceded to watch the taping of the show poolside for the remainder of the day. SO FUN!!! The extras would walk right in front of my chair, then turn right beside me and head up 5 steps to the main characters/scene. CRAZY! I LOVE stuff like this.
Also, one night at dinner Brooke Hogan walked by our restaraunt! I watch her show and knew we were right around the corner from the gym she works out at:)
Just a side note...when I was at the airport leaving Miami these 2 ladies came up to me and starting asking me questions in Spanish! I looked around and realized they thought I was HISPANIC! I said "No, no ladies. I don't speak Spanish...I just have a really good tan!" Too funny!!!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to MIAMI!!!

Where do I begin?! This summer I had the opportunity to go to Miami with my 2 best friends from high school. We had a BLAST!!! My friend Jessica coaches club volleyball and they had nationals in Miami. Kara and I were lucky that she asked the 2 of us to tag along. So here I go off to Miami.
Me, Kara and Jessica at Miami Ink. I went in and talked to the guys about getting my tatoo but it didn't workout. I REALLY wanted to say I had gotten it at Miami Ink love for swimming took over. I can't imagine being out of the water for 3 whole weeks in the summer! So, my plan is to get one whenever swim season is over.
This is a LONG story!!! Here is the short version:) One night after dinner we wanted to go dancing. We decided to come on back to the hotel and just go to the dance club there. In our minds we thought this was safer and low-key. When we got to the hotel there were limos and cabs everywhere. The taxi driver told us Liv (the club in our hotel) is THE hottest night club in Miami. Well, fancy that! Here we are:) When we walked in we thought we would just go straight to the club. OH NO! They started blocking off the enterance and it was a RED CARPET EVENT!!! This is no joke! This is the picture of Jessica and I on the red carpet. The producer of Transformers was throwing a party for the cast! We saw the producer but no one else:( But we got in!
Here is us in the club. To get into the club you had to buy a table at $1000, 3 bottles at $300 a bottle and then pay $100 cash once you got in to get the waitress to bring you the 3 bottles you requested!!! Crazy! People were dropping some serious $ right and left. Lucky for us we befriended people with $ and they let us join them:) So, we got in by paying $30 a piece! PRICELESS!!! Only with these girls! We had a blast!!!!!

I will probably never again make it out to Miami. I am so glad Jessica gave me the chance to tag along with her. It was a trip I will NEVER forget with lots of great stories!
Stay tuned...I have another great story about Miami:)
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Reunion

This summer Kara, Jessica and I planned a little mini reunion for our high school friends. Our 10 year is actually next summer! Where has time gone!!! These are the people that actualy stayed around for the planning of the reunion. Suprisingly ALL guys. We had such a fun time catching up and getting to meet everyone's families.
These are just the Lindale graduates. The spouses that are not Lindale graduates did not get in the pic. I so quickly forget not everyone has known their spouse their WHOLE lives:)

This is a random pic of Justin I thought I'd throw in. The reunion this year needed to borrow Justin's helment for decoration. When he got it out he of course had to try it on, assume the 3 point stance and teach Dryver how to tackle. Oh...and have me take his pic 50 times! Always the football player at heart:) I have to was a turn on! I have fond memories of meeting him on the field after games:)

Stayed tuned. If you know me, I am going in chronological order through our summer. The reunion took place the weekend of June 20. We still have a way to go!!!
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let me explain!!!

I have seen many of my fellow blog readers lately and you guys have really reprimanded me for my blogging habbits this summer. Well...let me just say my computer crashed that has all my pictures (we are trying to recover them now)so we had to get a new computer and I got a new camera. I have not learned how to transfer my pictures from the new camera to the new computer. I am pretty technically challenged so I am waiting on my sweet husband to give me tutorials on the new camaera and computer:)
So here is our 2nd week of summer. A fun low-key family trip to Dallas. Every year we try to go to at least 1 ranger game. And a weekend getaway to Dallas.
Beth and I at the game. We do not look like sisters! Please take notice of the color of our skin:)
After an hour and 40 minute light delay Dryver was done. But he (and Justin) were good sports!
The next day we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Dryver loved feeding the birds.
Dryver, Keatyn and Addilyn at the gator. Keatyn always ready for a photo op. The babies...ready for a nap!

I will try to do better on my blogging. Stay was a wild and crazy summer for the Cowart clan! Miami, Beth's 30th, New York and Dryver's new haircut.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Week of Summer

We started summer off running!!! I am SO excited about this summer. I think we have some fun, exciting and new things planned. I would like to say I will blog each week to tell you about all the fun things we are doing. But...I know that probablly won't happen. I will do my best.
The 1st weekend of summer I went to Forney (random) to meet my 2 very best friends from high school, Kara and Jessica. We had such a good time in the small town of Forney. As you can see they are highlighting my hair. Those girls can talk me in to ALMOST anything. Fun times!!! We also went to dinner with friends, a birthday party for my cousin and the drive in movie. Busy weekend!
Then that Sunday the kiddos were dedicated at church. It was such a neat experience because Beth and I were the only 2 families in the 1st service to do child dedication. It was very special to have Dryver, Keatyn and Addilyn all dedicated together. They all 3 showed their unique personalities:) Sweet cousins!
This was my 1st week of teaching swim lessons this summer. It looks like I am going to be teachiong 4 weeks of lessons. What a blessing that there are that many kids wanting to take this year! This is Dryver's sunscreen spike:) Although the sun has pretty much turned his hair blonde, he has not burned. Don't worry he is only out there an hour a day. But he does have a pretty cute tan!
Arica and I teaching Dryver and Elle to blow bubbles. Dryver will be in Mommy and me classes for 4 weeks. By the end of this 1st week he is already wanting to be Mr. Independent! He will jump or walk off the steps and kick to the top! Pretty amazing!!!
This past weekend Justin and I went to Shreveport and spent the night with one of my cousins. We had a blast! We went to eat at this wonderful mexican restaraunt and then to a comedy club. The next morning we ate out for breakfast and then shopped at the Boardwalk. When we got back to Lindale we went over to some friends house for a cookout. I LOVE summer!!!!! I think this will be a fun summer for our little family!!!
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